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Hi all, I am now working for Geological Survey Ireland as Museum Geologist in the Down to Earth Exhibition (Collins Barracks).  Meet me there every Wednesday and Thursday!  (museum pictures below)

Outdoor Activities / Geographical Investigation

Primary and Secondary school Workshops





Most of these workshops are available in

primary schools under the Heritage in

Schools Scheme.

To know more about Michèle Castiaux, please click here. 

You can also check my Facebook page.

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geographical investigation
nature and geology walk
mapping workshop
Past of the Slieve Bloom
Litter and Waste
Water conservation
Rocks and Soils
Biodiversity and Pollinators
Energy Climate Change

"The students really engaged with Michele's workshop and loved answering her questions while equally challenging her with more, to which she always had the answers. It was pitched perfectly for our first years and they were able to draw in on topics they had covered in science and geography, making it more relevant." (Community Environment Action Fund 2020)

"Such a professional workshop- all methodologies used . Pupils were actively engaged at all times. Teachers involved cannot praise enough." (Community Environment Action Fund 2020)


"The children had very little background knowledge on biodiversity but when the speaker left the children had lots of info and knowledge on the topic.  They enjoyed it and found it interesting". (Mary, Clonmacnoise N.S., 2017).

"This was an excellent engaging workshop. Michele held the children's attention throughout and interacted really well with the various activities. It was very informative for both adults and children". (Valerie, Cloghan N.S., 2016).

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