Biodiversity is a word that we don't encounter every day, even though biodiversity is everywhere around us! From the tiniest bugs in the soil to the biggest whales in the sea, biodiversity is simply all the different life forms surrounding us!


Biodiversity and Pollinators


In this workshop, we find out that nearly everything that surrounds us comes from biodiversity, from our food, to our clothes and our stuff, may it be plastic boxes, pencils, etc.  We also find out that we could not live without biodiversity.

In February 2018, I completed training on pollinators with the National Biodiversity Data Centre and this can be included in the workshop.

Another option is to discuss the real life example of cold-water coral reefs:  many of us are unaware that there is a huge variety of cold-water corals in the Atlantic Ocean, to the West of Ireland.  These corals are endangered by deep-sea trawling and climate change.  Although unknown, they are at the base of food chains from which we depend.  We will try to answer this question: what can we do to help?​




Activities: create your own pop up coral out of cardboard. 


Requirements: laptop/projector or interactive whiteboard, glue and scissors for the arts and crafts.

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