Geology,Irish Rocks,Fossils and now ROCK CLINIC.

Geology is the science that studies the earth. Most of us have an interest in some part of geology: rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes, fossils, dinosaurs, oil/gas, etc. Where does it all start? With our rocks!


There are a few options of workshops:

1. Irish Rocks and "ROCK CLINIC":    

This geology workshop will covers:

  • local rock types

  • Irish rocks

  • children are invited to bring rocks that they may have collected in their area.

  • We'll try to identify them using some of the geologists tools:

    • magnifying glass

    • ceramic plate

    • glass

    • HCl

    • hammer

    • maps, ...


I can't wait to see what will be brought in schools!!!


2. Geology / rocks:
  • What is geology?

  • What tools does a geologist use?

  • What are rocks made of?

  • Rock classification/rock cycle: the three big groups of rocks

  • Rock identification: how do you identify and describe different types of rocks?

  • What are rocks used for?

  • Activity: handling of rock samples


3. Geology / fossils:
  • What are fossils?Learn about how fossils are formed while making your own fossil.

  • Real samples of fossils (corals, crinoids "sea lilies", different types of shellfish -brachiopods, bivalves, gastropods-).

  • Examples of Irish fossils.

  • Myth and geology => how can some myths come from the discovery of fossils?

  • Activity: each child gets to make his/her own fossil!


Requirements: “low-tech” version with use of black/white board, rock samples and geologist tools or "high-tech" slide show requiring projector or interactive white board.

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