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Litter and Waste Flag

As consumers, it is easy to forget where do all the goods we purchase come from? We often think about recycling, but do we remember that first we should "reduce", then "reuse" and finally "recycle".  This slide show followed by a fun game walks us back through the basic steps of "RRR - Reduce Reuse Recycle" and we find out that it is as important to think before we buy than to think after we have used a product! 

This workshop is also available as part of the Global Citizenship aspect of the Green Flag. We focus on the “life cycle” of a plastic bottle.  It starts with a video that explains the recycling process of plastic bottles.  Based on that, we try to work out together (or in small groups depending on the children's ages, etc.) what journey does a plastic bottle follow through its lifetime.  We then work out which are the environmental (and social) impacts of the journey of that bottle.



This workshop focuses on the following:


  • What is the life cycle of a product (where do they come from and where will they go to)? Practical example of lunch boxes at school, the clothes we buy, vegetables and other food we buy.

  • Questions you could ask yourself before purchasing a product?

  • What happens to our waste (glass, plastic, etc.)


Games/activities: Monopoly-style game called "Ecologically"


Requirements: laptop/projector or interactive white board

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