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Mapping Workshop

Before the arrival of GPS, maps were the tool we all needed to find our way around!  What happens when we run out of battery? Let's preserve and practice our map reading skills.  This workshop includes exploration and investigation ("learning through enquiry", "sense of place" and "sense of awareness") which are part of the geography curriculum. 


This workshop focuses on the following:


  • Different types of maps: O.S. maps, road maps, soil maps, bedrock maps, contour maps.

  • How to read a map?

  • Importance of North point, scale and key - where do you find them on your map?

  • How do you use a compass with a map?


Activities: measuring distances on a map, how to align compass and map, how to give directions, drawing a map of school yard, etc.

Requirements: interactive workshops with maps, compasses and field trip around the school if weather allows.

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