River study and field trips

As part of the Heritage In Schools Scheme, Michele can bring your primary school children on a "Nature and/or Geology Walk".  This involves a treasure hunt, mapping techniques and rock identification as well as games focusing on environmental issues.


She also carries out river studies with Leaving Certificate students and Transition Year students.  The Slieve Bloom Mountains are a fantastic resource conveniently located at the doorstep of many Midlands schools, which is why she has been using this location for the last few years.  However, should you wish to work closer to your school, Michele is also a happy to come along as educational support to your geographical investigation at a location of your choice.

The "river study field trip" for Transition Year students is usually a taster of all the geographical investigation techniques carried out in a river as well as a geological field trip in Glenbarrow.  The site shows a lot of exposed bedrock, great examples of mass movement such as landslides and a textbook example of headward erosion at the location of the Clamphole waterfall.


The Leaving Certificate field trip usually focuses on the "geographical investigation for the Leaving Certificate" which varies from year to year.   This also includes a preparatory visit in school prior to the field trip and a follow-up visit a few days after the field trip.

Please do note hesitate to contact Michele at 087-6968600 if you require further information.

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