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Primary & Secondary Schools Workshops

There are a wide range of workshops available, many suitable for your Green Flag but others which may suit that special geography class or just for fun!  Most of these workshops also fit it the Geography Curriculum as they cover social, environmental and scientific education.


If you don't find what you are looking for, suggestions from teachers are welcome!


The content of the workshops is adapted to the students' ages.  Most workshops are suitable from 3rd class and can be brought up to the level of Transition Year students.


In primary schools, please note that most of these workshops are available under the Heritage in Schools Scheme. For the current rates, please consult Heritage Specialist Fee Arrangement.

Workshop topics


1. Litter and Waste Flag: The Life Cycle of Products - How to Reduce the Waste we Produce?

2. Water Flag: Water Conservation and Geology

3. Energy/Climate Change Flag: Impact of Climate Change on Coral Reefs

4. Biodiversity Flag: Biodiversity and Irish Coral Reefs OR Pollinators

5. Geology (rocks, rock cycle, learn about fossils while making your own...)

6. Geological Past of The Slieve Bloom Mountains

8. Mapping Workshop

9. French classes also available on request.

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