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Water Flag: Water Conservation and Geology

Raising awareness of what happens below our feet and creating an interest in it can motivate people of all ages into making a better effort at protecting our environment. We will find out that saving water is not only important for many reasons, it is also easy by putting into practice very simple water saving tips.


This workshop focuses on the following questions:


  • What is the link between geology and our water supplies?

  • What are the different types of bedrock in Ireland (optional)?

  • Where does our water come from?

  • Where does our wastewater go to?

  • How can we save water?

  • What is the cost of water?




Activities: rock sample handling, guessing game - how many litres of water are used for what activities, etc.


Requirements: “low-tech” version with use of black/white board or “high-tech” slide show requiring projector or interactive white board

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